Friday, January 11, 2013

Painting Heads

Sometimes I see something at Goodwill and I debate the purchase and don't end up buying the item(s). And then I think about it more and decide to go back and get it. And it is NEVER still there! But instead of dwelling on the ones that got away, I'm focusing on a pair of weird items that I actually purchased, and I'm happy I did. They're not useful, but I think they're fun. But they needed a little work before they got put in places of honor in the foyer and breakfast nook windowsill. 

Remember these from this post? Here's a peek of them after the coat of white spraypaint that they needed. 

Awesome job taping off the bases right here:

Taping off the bases worked pretty well for getting the sculptural faces spruced up, but I still needed to cover up Delaney's written enthusiasm for soccer.

I used a mix of acrylic paints to speedily cover up the pencil marks and dings and scratches.

And voila, 2 heads that are still weird, but a bit spruced up.  Ok, this is just one and these were the only photos I had handy. They are post-pumpkin-carving party, hence the gourd abundance.

Gourd hat optional.

The other head is on the window ledge in the breakfast nook with succulents in white pots. Hooray for quality Goodwill purchases. Or at least interesting ones!

PS, aren't these little pumpkin branches that a friend brought over cool? I think they're via Trader Joe's. Love their flowers, too.


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