Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Foyer Light

I'd been looking to switch out the foyer light for, well, 4 years now. So when I came across a worthless looking vase at Goodwill--I mean, who wants a vase with a hole in the bottom?! Ha. It was a glass pendant lampshade among the vases, I went ahead and shelled out the $5 to bring it home.

I had heard there were light kits at hardware stores and was pleasantly surprised at all the nice-looking options! I bought a simple oil-rubbed bronze look kit and then shelled out for a fancier bulb since it's so visible under the glass pendant and I wanted the bulb to be a big larger.

 Your days are numbered, former light!

And after my fabulous father installed it...

Remember that sneak peek from here? I should take a close up of the lightbulb for you...sometime...

Another great note, I listed the old light fixture on craigslist and it sold to a vintage-loving couple which made this project cost zero dollars overall. Hooray for the circle of secondhand selling and buying!

Anyone else find something in an unexpected section of Goodwill? Any other successes replacing something for no cost?


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