Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pretty Presents

I'm always impressed at some friends' abilities to give perfectly wrapped gifts. Since I love receiving prettily presented gifts (well, or any gifts for that matter), I thought I should try to carry that to the gifts that I give.

Here are a few recent attempts with items I had handy...

A reusable wine gift bag (my talented friend Amber makes these from scrapped fabrics--yay multi-leveled recycling!--and they're sold at several Arizona stores and boutiques, including Handcrafted) and a paint chip tag.

Paper bag "wrapping paper" and a scrap ribbon from this tragically un-photographed event and coordinating card. I like getting (or being gifted, ha) a big pack of multi-colored blank cards so I can use them for any occasion and personalize them for the recipient.

 I felt a little lazy for not unpacking this and putting it in an unbranded box, so I attempted to camouflage that with some silk flowers and wide ribbon.

I thought I had some other photos stored somewhere, so I'll add them if I ever find them!

One of my pet peeves is having to purchase wrapping materials--especially tissue paper. That's the worst! Is anyone with me on this?


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