Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trays of Sunshine

Once I got this rolling cabinet that I'm utilizing as a bar cart, I knew I need to find something to guard the top surface of the cart from car paraphernalia--and collect the bottles to make them look cohesive.

So into the garage I went and unearthed 2 of these.

Good thing I held onto those, right? I couldn't pass up a perceived deal.
And of course I have to peel back price stickers to observe the sale price progression.

I liked the shape and price of the trays, but wasn't loving the shape they were in or the red stripe. I went through the acrylic paints I had on hand and decided to go with a metallic. I had gold paint, but it wasn't truly opaque, so I painted over the red stripe with a light tan color first, like a primer.

My very professional painting set-up. Note the RueLaLa box and the classy plastic containers. As trashy as they look, using the lids to mix paint and the containers to hold the paint bottles is a system that worked just fine for the drawn out process of painting these.

Finished up the tan "primer" and then added the gold paint. 

After the gold I topped it with a layer of Modge Podge to seal it.

I used the other tray to hold napkins on the bar shelf. Remember those napkins and napkin rings?

Here it is on the new bar.

Are you buying any of those clearance items "just in case"? Have you spruced anything up recently?