Friday, October 12, 2012

Shopping and Thrifting

Ah, the thrill of the hunt. You know my immense love of craigslist (through my Pinterest board if nothing else), but I also can't turn down an opportunity to stop at Goodwill or a pleasantly crowded antique store.

I stopped in an antique store during a recent visit to Tucson and here are some of the treasures I thought were cool:

Maybe if these were reupholstered? The base was metal.

I took this photo to document the candy. 

The wire basket reminded me of the baskets in my pantry.

So cool and detailed, so out of my budget!

I almost went home with a ceramic stool as a gift (like the one I have in my bathroom, but with color). I'll have to explore a little more in the area the next time I visit. There's never enough time! :)


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