Monday, October 1, 2012

Rooted in the Weekend

The weather is starting to cool down (in the mornings and at night, at least), so I went plant shopping with the folks and gathered these new additions to the backyard:

Check out that vine that's nicely filling out that frame in the background! And that teak bench (via craigslist) that my father made lovely with many hours of sanding and treating.

I haven't done any seasonal color in my yard before, but it's time to put those garage-saled and Goodwill-purchased outdoor pots to good use!

I'll take some photos of them in action the ground soon. 

Also got a shrub for the front yard. After the second July/August demise of a small fruit tree, I've come to terms with the fact that it is just too hot and the soil is too sandy to support a little tree. Super sad, especially after singing to the plant, using a giant awning contraption to shade it and watering it the perfect (I swear) amount. Sigh, I'm holding out for this shrub. Moment of silence for this guy.

With this weather I'm thinking I can start getting motivated for some refinishing projects...foyer credenza, perhaps?


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