Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pillow Potential

I love discount fabric shopping, especially when I see pricey pillows and realize I can have similar-looking ones for much, much less. These are the beginnings of more pillows for the great room and loft. 

I'm really liking the suzani-esque fabric on the top, but to stretch that fabric into 2 pillows I'll need to use a solid color for the back of the pillow. 

I've moved a lot of the artsy, projecty stuff up to the loft which is now equipped with shelving in the closet (I'll have to show a photo of that at some point, although I think it's mostly just exciting to me). Other "lofty" observations:  you'll notice that I'm still loving the kilim rug and the white stone slab is centered on my refinished stump and is providing a great table in the center of the space. When I purchased the glass bowl that's on the table at Goodwill I had never seen anything like it before, but I've seen a few similarly designed bowls since! It used to be a fruit bowl in the KT before it was replaced in favor of a bowl with some perforations that provide some airflow.

Hopefully I can employ my Mom's talents (and sewing machine) to get these pillows wrapped up sooner rather than later. I already made the trip to IKEA to get these pillow forms and these pillow forms. We'll see how long those hang out on the sofa before the cases are completed!


  1. Oohh, love the fabrics. Whoever got you that suzani-esque fabric is an awesome individual. I second the Ikea pillow forms, btw, they are so much cheaper there than if you made them yourself!

    1. Ha, yes, that suzani fabric oozes great style. :)