Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Addition

I'm excited but don't want to get too excited about my new craigslist purchase (at this point I could just say "furniture purchase" and you could accurately infer that I bought it off craigslist). It's so fresh that it hasn't even made it into the house yet--so I don't know if it will be ideal in the dining room space that I had in mind. Here are the craigslist photos of the new addition:

Look at those casters! And the sweet hinged table top! And the swanky door pulls!

I've been looking for a long console table for space on the dining table wall for awhile (see my Pinterest "Console Table" category for evidence) and even though this isn't along the lines of the slim metal, glass-shelved options I've been pinning, I'm hoping this will do the trick without weighing the space down. 

Here are some old photos of the dining room space:

I'm a little nervous about how this will look under the mirror, but I'm excited about the functionality for storing and displaying servingware, another surface for drinks and more space for wine and bottles for cocktails (evidently the space in this bar isn't enough). 

Any thrifty finds recently? Any decor dilemmas that resolved themselves or still need a little adjustment to work for you?

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  1. I think this was a great purchase! I hope it looks awesome :)