Thursday, September 20, 2012

Distant Cousins

I once did a spend/save comparison post (here), but I don't actively search for things in that way, so I haven't done another one...until randomly browsing 2 favorite sites (sample sales and craigslist) unearthed these oddly similarly shaped end tables.

This is from RueLaLa's "Pattern Play" sale:

Orbital Side Table, $549.90, RueLaLa

And this is from a craigslist seller I don't know or endorse, but they're selling 2 of these little tables and a chair for $90 (link is here).

Hmmm. Still don't think I'll be adding either to my home, but by combining the metallic from the Orbital side table and the bamboo of the craigslist offering you end up with something that would be related to this chair:

...which I saw in Traditional Home and deserved a folded page. Now here's hoping that some chairs like this one appear on craigslist. Doesn't hurt to dream!

Thought I'd add a photo of one of these in action that I came across on Remodelista:


  1. Your Aunt and Uncle had two tables (for more years than they will admit) the exact same as the craiglisting. You could have had those and been years ahead in style. :)

    1. Haha, that's great! Maybe they're the same ones, they just traveled a bit first!

  2. Ha, I love when design paths align...That McGuire chair is insane!!!