Monday, September 17, 2012

Arranging Around a New Addition

I expressed my uncertainty with potential placement of my new rolling bar in this post and I still haven't figured it out. Here's a montage of options.

1) Leave the room as is.

Sorry, an old photo is all I had since I had to start experimenting with arrangements immediately instead of taking "before" photos.

2) Add the bar in without altering the other parts of the room.

3) Add the bar and move the armoire.

Don't mind the cord, I put the speakers that were perpetually cluttering the side of the armoire inside the bar. Since the cabinet doors open on both sides, I can leave the back cabinet door ajar and run the cord out that way. If it stays I'll have to think of a camouflaging option.

And a chair might be fine as that camouflage. And offer a bonus seat for larger dinners.

The chair is from craigslist, of course (complete with lining that is falling down under the seat--that should be an easy fix). When I got it I intended to take a stab at reupholstering it--then I got busy/scared and never did it.  The pillow is one of a few I got for $5 at Urban Outfitters--which is a deal that has yet to be replicated even though I consistently stop in to see if I can get some other sweet home goods deals.

If I leave the bar and move the armoire, I could look at getting another chair for the other side of the bar. Or I could put casters on a stump that I have in my garage (it's sibling got used in the loft here). But even with the armoire moved away, the room still seems pretty dark and really I might move that chairs and be on the lookout for a pair of not-dark-wood chairs to flank the bar.

Well, thoughts? The bar is already growing on me. But the armoire was one of my earliest Craigslist purchases!

Aww. Maybe I can move this buddy into the garage to see if I can take the separation before I decide if we part ways.


  1. Love this! If you ever decide to come back to Americus for a visit, I could definitely use your help with my new place. We have a second living room (literally, a second massive square room in the center of the house), currently occupied by two guitars, a rocking chair, and an ironing board. Any suggestions?

    1. Well, it's great when the function of the space is reflected by the furnishings--so if you're relaxing while playing guitar and ironing, I'd say you're well on your way. :) Americus has some great inexpensive finds--I brought a few things back with me: a free mirror that's now in my backyard and a coffee table that I just sold on craigslist (that selling/buying circle of life).

  2. I can see why you're torn! That is a gorgeous piece. It is such a coincidence we are both sentimental about these early purchases and how they are both armoires! I like your idea of moving it into storage - maybe I should try that. Then I'll have no regrets if I change my mind!