Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pull Finalists

In this post I compiled several cabinet pull options (and one shaped like a fish) and it's been narrowed down to these:

I figured it would be easier to weigh in on the cabinet pulls if you saw photos of the kitchen, so here's a quick photo tour.

Looking from the dining room. The white folding doors are the pantry and the laundry areas.

Looking down toward the dining room and backyard from in front of the refrigerator.

Looking at the KT from the foyer.

Yes, backsplash tile is also on the home project docket. I've been pinning away at tile options on Pinterest here, and I'd love to find some reasonably priced ones with a stoneware-like glaze. (Maybe Heath Ceramics will have some incredible sale...?)

Looking from the KT to the half bath (the font door is to the right). That foyer light's days are numbered--you'll see in an upcoming post.

Any other thoughts on what pulls would be best? Would the darker pulls look nice and subtle or will they look like they are competing with the stainless appliances? Or could they tie in with the black portions of the appliances? Any magic sources for glazed tiles that won't require a second mortgage?


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