Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let Freedom Reign!

What's more patriotic than using tools and sweating if your backyard with your hard-working parents? Well, lots of things--so I suppose that the title of this post has nothing to do with my the content except that the bulk of the backyard project was done over the 4th of July weekend. Last 4th of July weekend. This year I'm staycationing, hooray!

My backyard space isn't all that big and I wanted to green it up a bit without having large shrubs take up a lot of real estate or make the paved portion of the yard look small in comparison.

Here are some back-in-the day photos:

"Ah, that's nice," you might say. "Look at those plants!" No. That oleander tree was a pollen nightmare. You can sort of see the fuzzy-allergy-inciters on the tree above and I captured some of them on the ground below. Yeah, not ideal for a place where you'd like to be able to relax. The big shrub went away too. It hadn't been pruned (ever, possibly?) and after it was trimmed back it was a mess.

Annnd here's the point where I am not able to locate the project in progress photos. Well, if I find them, I'll post them. Regardless, stay tuned for a post with some "after" photos!

In the meantime, enjoy these images of patriotically colored foods that I had on my phone (the photos, not the actual food). Have a great 4th of July!

Look at those strawberries just nestled in that cream

Quinoa with cinnamon and berries and soymilk or almond milk


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