Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pull Finalists

In this post I compiled several cabinet pull options (and one shaped like a fish) and it's been narrowed down to these:

I figured it would be easier to weigh in on the cabinet pulls if you saw photos of the kitchen, so here's a quick photo tour.

Looking from the dining room. The white folding doors are the pantry and the laundry areas.

Looking down toward the dining room and backyard from in front of the refrigerator.

Looking at the KT from the foyer.

Yes, backsplash tile is also on the home project docket. I've been pinning away at tile options on Pinterest here, and I'd love to find some reasonably priced ones with a stoneware-like glaze. (Maybe Heath Ceramics will have some incredible sale...?)

Looking from the KT to the half bath (the font door is to the right). That foyer light's days are numbered--you'll see in an upcoming post.

Any other thoughts on what pulls would be best? Would the darker pulls look nice and subtle or will they look like they are competing with the stainless appliances? Or could they tie in with the black portions of the appliances? Any magic sources for glazed tiles that won't require a second mortgage?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let Freedom Reign!

What's more patriotic than using tools and sweating if your backyard with your hard-working parents? Well, lots of things--so I suppose that the title of this post has nothing to do with my the content except that the bulk of the backyard project was done over the 4th of July weekend. Last 4th of July weekend. This year I'm staycationing, hooray!

My backyard space isn't all that big and I wanted to green it up a bit without having large shrubs take up a lot of real estate or make the paved portion of the yard look small in comparison.

Here are some back-in-the day photos:

"Ah, that's nice," you might say. "Look at those plants!" No. That oleander tree was a pollen nightmare. You can sort of see the fuzzy-allergy-inciters on the tree above and I captured some of them on the ground below. Yeah, not ideal for a place where you'd like to be able to relax. The big shrub went away too. It hadn't been pruned (ever, possibly?) and after it was trimmed back it was a mess.

Annnd here's the point where I am not able to locate the project in progress photos. Well, if I find them, I'll post them. Regardless, stay tuned for a post with some "after" photos!

In the meantime, enjoy these images of patriotically colored foods that I had on my phone (the photos, not the actual food). Have a great 4th of July!

Look at those strawberries just nestled in that cream

Quinoa with cinnamon and berries and soymilk or almond milk

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I went to Goodwill yesterday and definitely got botanicaled. Or botanicalled.

I was perusing the frame/art section and spotted these:

I know what you're thinking--these are so colorful, has she decided to allow something other than neutrals into Home Monochromatic Dynamic? The answer would be negatory--Home MD remains on a subdued color palette that I find relaxing and prevents me from buying all sorts of crazy items. Instead, I was thinking the series would look great for a friends' entryway after swapping the frames for something larger and more modern. But then I saw the price. A $25 sticker on each frame?! Sheesh. Now I really had to debate the purchase.

Pros:  nice palette, crisp lines, would fill the entryway space without looking cluttered, could inform the rest of the palette for the downstairs without limiting it because there are so many color options, not more expensive than buying from a big box store and definitely less than a gallery, the series flows together, buying from a non-profit and buying used.

Cons:  Sooo pricey and they might not like them, which would negate all the "pros".

While I was mulling this over I noticed this single frame print, too:

And then in the midst of this the store made an announcement for the 50% off tag color day! And the color was.....not the color tags on the prints. Sigh. But they followed that up with an announcement that it was 25% for folks over 55 the next day (today). Which got me thinking that I could try to make these prints a bit more affordable. So, I called my parents to ascertain their ages (because I'm a terrible daughter and can remember birthdays but not ages). In spite of their high activity level and youthful looks, it appeared that they would qualify for this Wednesday discount! (They really have the best of all worlds, don't they?) My Mom agreed to swing by the next day (so, today) and nab the prints--all 5, since the single print could be a nice replacement for the empty wall space in my parents' living room that used to display a mauve/dusty rose and teal painting of a pot and a ladder (I'm sure you've seen something similar from the 80s). Oh, and it would be hung up after painting over the gold-colored frame.

My mother called me this morning and let me know that she has secured the prints. And then--here's the kicker--she let's me know that the $25 price was for all four prints. Hilarious. I guess I'm not feeling as much pressure now! And I should be a little more cognizant of fine print!

Well, here are some more photos of the series that I took when I was in "debate-mode"...

...I'm thinking some IKEA Ribba frames might be the ticket (unless I can find 4 identical modern frames at another Goodwill?), maybe using different mats so the matted space is larger (like this) or painting the mats another subtle color to play off the prints or using some linen as matting.

Ever had a purchase ultimately ring up as less than anticipated? Ever stressed over something for no reason? Ever had your Mom be awesome?

PS, I do other things that seek out prints and art for other people, even though that's been a theme recently.