Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teach me how to Rug-ie

In a fit of insanity I ordered a rug online. I qualify it as insanity because (a) it was a relatively big purchase and--more significantly (b) it was non-returnable! Here's the stock-photo that convinced me to go for it.

Sphinx by Oriental Weavers Zanzibar Rug purchased via Gilt

I was able to purchase with a little more confidence after searching the rug online and finding that it was nearly $300 more here, so I could try to craigslist it and break even if it didn't work out for me. But, long story short, I don't need to worry about that because it came in the mail and it absolutely works for the great room! I had been scouting for a larger area rug (and pinning some!) ever since these photos made me realize a more spacious rug outline was necessary for a balanced layout. This one is just shy of 13 feet by 11 feet, so it's able to outline the Lou Regester sofas and the tobacco chair with some room to spare for the lucite side table, hourglass table and arc lamp. Yay, sample sale sites! (Link to Gilt here)

I can't wait to share some photos of it in action with a look back at the great room rugs that have gone before. Have you ever lucked out with a blind purchase? Or had to improvise to resell something that wasn't quite perfect?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Light It Up

Remember way back when and I was debating on outdoor lighting? Well, I succeeded in acquiring some great patio lights and they've been lighting some outdoor evening soirees for several months now.

The table that I documented refinishing here fits in nicely there and seats up to 10 comfortably. Seating includes the white cafe chairs that I posted about here and the silver hourglass stools I (shamefully?) purchased en masse.

Yes, one of the sun wall decor items that came with the house is still a focal point...for now.

Peek at the backyard frames!

I planted in some of the offshoots of the lone aloe survivor in some brown terra cotta pots. And remember the outdoor mirror?

On the topic of the backyard, I'm coming up on the one-year anniversary of the backyard frames, so I should probably get on a backyard flora post pretty soon...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gifting Prints

I went on a purchasing spree on Pop Chart Lab a couple months ago (sign up for the emails, they have occasional sales) and got 3 cool prints to give as gifts.

Due to the nature of my relationships with the gift recipients, 2 of these will live in my house! Sometimes I love when gift-giving works out like that. Check out the links to zoom in on the massive amount of detail in the prints (especially the Cocktails one).

The prints don't come in frames, so I had to find those myself.  Based on the gift recipients I knew that if I didn't give the prints with frames they would end up tacked or taped to a wall. So the frame hunt was on.  I knocked out the frame for the 1st poster quickly--there was a frame that fit the bill on my first trip to Goodwill.

Unfortunately, it had this amazing poster in it already, so I had a difficult decision to make. I had to decide whether to keep the "All I need to know in life I learned from a cow" poster or replace it with the beer print. Ha, soooo difficult! Don't worry, I kept the cow poster, so shoot me an email if you'd like it shipped.

I might paint the frame at some point, but I wanted to get the print in there and hang it in the meantime. Now it's hanging in the loft (with this rug and a marble table with this base and a ton of other redone items--I need to post some photos asap!)

Smokin' deal! (Note this throw and this rug in the background)

The 2nd poster got a frame from another Goodwill.

I feel like the antique-looking frame goes well enough with the simple print that I don't need to worry about repainting it. I gave it with a Vis-a-vis marker so you can write on the frame and add additional beers and maybe circle favorites or the ones you've tried. Yay, interactive poster!

My sis was nice enough to grab the frame for the third frame at IKEA when Goodwill stores didn't serve up any frames with the right dimensions. The IKEA frame style looks great with the style of the print and didn't break the bank at $25, so it worked out fine.

 Is anyone else buying presents en masse? I feel like it's that time of year--which is fun because there's a reason to celebrate with friends and family nearly every weekend! Any other graphic prints that are floating your boat?

Awesome sidenote--there was this sepia toned matted print of a little boy giving a little girl a flower in the antique looking frame I used for the 2nd beer print, so I put out at the garage sale (you know how much I love those) I had this past Saturday and, despite my low expectations, someone actually bought it! One person's trash... :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bedded Down

Ever since this post I've been meaning to post more bedroom photos and I finally got around to taking some during the day (so the lighting in the room is a little better) a few weeks ago.

I've since switched out the duvet for a thinner coverlet for summer--got to be cognisant of those electricity bills and avoid blasting the AC just because the bedding is too toasty!  I got the Coyuchi duvet from a sample sale on RueLaLa and the coverlet from a sale on OneKingsLane.

Isn't the stitching on that linen bow pretty?

I found the marble table on Craigslist. Before I saw the ad I wasn't sure what I wanted at the foot of the bed, but I'm liking this current find and it gives a great landing space for my bag and a convenient laundry folding station. When I got it I planned to swap the current setup for hairpin legs, but the current curvy look has grown on me.

Love the veining in the marble.

After the headboard came together, I wasn't sure what I wanted for lighting and didn't feel like I was so set on hinged wall-mounted lamps that I could spend $100+ on one for each side of the bed...although they do look pretty cool. So, I went with a lamp I already had. Unfortunately, I only had one, so I needed to find matching lamps to replace it or find something that might be able to work with it until I found some fantastic matching option in the future. After a couple months of half-hearted searching I came across an IKEA pendant lamp (FOTO) with a similar shape and just went with it.

Grabbed a hook at Lowe's to hang the lamp (this is similar and almost cooler-looking), which makes it easy to adjust the height of the lamp.

The little hooks that I fed the cord through on the side of the headboard give it a "free-wheeling, relaxed look"...

There's probably some room for improvement concerning the lack of wall decor.

Since removing the mirror from the master bath to replace it with the pair of mirrors I discovered (I need to post some photos to follow-up this post), I've been thinking that I could use that mirror and the mirror from the half bath vertically on either side of the bed after framing them out. Things to think about...

On one side of the bed I have a vanity (one of my earlier Craigslist finds) and I like how thick the wood is and the proportion of the piece. One of the side tables/stools that I purchased en masse provides the current seating.

Here's the other side of the bed. Yep, pretty plain. I'm not in love with that sofa, so I may be swapping that out in the future with an item that is yet to be determined.  The Calvin Klein coverlet (another bedding item I purchased from a sample sale) that used to be my solo bedcover hangs out of the back of the sofa.

It's still topped with the pencils and markers in stemless wine glasses that I first posted here, so maybe it's time to change it up a bit.

Annnd another corner. I neglected to get a photo of the low dresser that is on the left of the photo below. It's the mate of the dresser that magically fit in the bathroom alcove.

So, the room isn't nearly finished (case in point below), but it's a far cry from the dark bedding and an old tri-fold privacy screen (in the 2nd photo of this post).

Recap photo! 

Yes, the fireplace needs to be a handled-in-the-near-future projects. I still need to share the vast improvement to the great room fireplace--even though it's visible in some of the recent great room posts.  Any ideas for some of the missing pieces?