Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stop, Drape and Roll

Some exciting changes are in the air in the great room, so in honor of Mothers' Day I'll go ahead and pull back the curtain to reveal.....

wait, did you say pull back the curtain?

Por fin I have some full length curtains that I think add a tremendous amount to the room. And I don't just mean a tremendous amount of privacy--but that's true, too.  Since my amazing mother did all the work on the curtains it seems fitting that I'm posting on Mothers' Day! Thanks, Mom!

I ordered this fabric in pewter and the architrac system from Calico Corners. (Always wait for the sales! You might want to stagger your purchases if you have the time/patience--they have fabric sales at certain times of the year and hardware sales at other times. They also send you coupons. And don't forget that some large sample swatches of fabric can lead to some pretty inexpensive pillows, too.)

My talented and patient Mom skillfully engineered these babies. We talked over various potential style options and I'm really happy with the unfussy, streamlined look she was able to create!

Here's a quick before shot for some comparison (that huge cardboard tube on the floor was holding the architrac):

And an "after" from about the same angle:

I still may paint the portion of the architrac that connects the rod to the wall (you can kind of see one of them around a foot away from the curtains on the left side in the photo above) to make it match that gray wall color, but I'm super excited about what they add to the room right now. I'm also hoping that they'll offer some insulation from the summer heat--I guess I'll find out pretty soon...

They only drawback (hehe) about these curtains is that they almost put these drapes to shame. Eh, I'll chalk it up to different aesthetics.


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