Friday, May 4, 2012

Out of Left Field: Arc Lamps

Just a little compilation of some arc lamps...

via Domino

I really like the one I have in my great room (seen here and sort of seen here), especially because it offers some centrally located lighting without necessitating a sofa table/end table as a base or requiring me to get a ceiling fan with a light. (The only thing worse than a fan is a fan with a light, right?) Naturally I got it second-hand and not from MoMA, but the original Arco Lamp is pretty great.

The reason I started this random arc lamp perusal is because I came across the beauts shown below on craigslist. If you haven't checked on my Pinterest, I have a "PinCraig" category (it was a late-night creation as girlfriends and I were searching for an affordable and character-filled dining table) where I add photos of cragislist offerings that I think look cool, but wouldn't necessarily work in Home Monochromatic Dynamic. I don't often add pins of items I've wanted to purchase because I'm selfish land don't want any competition. :)

Link to the craigslist ad that I don't endorse in any way because I have no affiliation with the seller(s) is here.

Aren't those cool? Even though I think they'd look awesome on the nightstands flanking my headboard, I'm holding back.

Annnnd I'm still holding back even though I came across this Kelly Wearstler tableau with an identical very similar lamp.

Eek, decisions! Any purchases you've been debating? Score any good deals lately?


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