Friday, May 11, 2012

Mirror, Mirror the backyard.

via AT

And here's the (much less styled) backyard mirror in Home Monochromatic Dynamic:

Conveniently, I had a extra mirror hanging around (or not hanging around, actually) that moved cross-country with me (which is funny because it was free, but I still decided to take it) that had just been propped up against walls in various rooms. Also conveniently--there was one of the many decorative sun decorations hanging there, so the nail was already in the wall. (I've been gradually removing the suns, but there's still one left in the backyard.)

For the record, that's not an actual Hans Wegner chair. If I had one, I don't believe I would keep it outside. But it's my favorite outdoor reading nook--shaded, I can set a drink on the side table (normally of the silver hourglass tables from this post), put my feet up and I don't have to get up to plug in the lights when the sun starts to set.


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