Friday, May 25, 2012

Ironing Out the Laundry Zone

I don't have a laundry room so much as a laundry closet and (much like my actual closet) things can get crammed and inaccessible if I don't have some method of organization. I didn't take a photo prior to these organizational improvements, but I'm sure you can use your imagination to picture the worst scenario possible so these photos seem even better in comparison.

For pantry proximity perspective:

I came into the shoe shelves at various times and put them to use here since my shoes are already housed in this structure. The basket is the same as the kind I use in the pantry. I've been gradually working through duplicate cleaners--you would have seen 25 bottles of various cleaners if you had been unlucky enough to look in here 6 months ago.

The hooks for the ironing board and the drying racks have made a huge difference in appearance and cutting down frustration from digging out tangled dryer racks from the side of the dryer. I air dry pretty much everything besides towels and use the outdoor line for any drying rack overflow or bigger items like sheets or tablecloths. There are hooks specifically made for ironing boards, but I found these in the hardware section and I think the ones for the ironing board were about $2 a piece and the longer hooks I'm using for the drying racks were about $5 each.

Without studs directly behind the hooks, it's a good idea to secure a board to the studs and then screw the hooks into that. Even though these things aren't too heavy, the drywall on its own might not hold up over time to tugging them off the hooks and plopping them back on.

So, the laundry closet isn't stunningly attractive, but it's nicely functional and pretty organized, which almost makes up for the lack of a swanky front loading washer and dryer and a utility sink and counter space. Almost.  Any laundry zone organizational tips? Any success with those cleaning products that "do it all"? I'm still in the process of culling my stash of spray bottles.


  1. It looks nicely organized and like a "realistic" set-up. Nice work!

    1. Realistic it is--the only thing that isn't as true-to-real-life if that the dirty towels in the wire basket aren't overflowing. I think I need to be on the look-out for something larger to contain them.