Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get a Handle on it

Or trying to get a handle on it, at least. I know--another terrible post title, but the gem "Knobby Need" was already taken. So, I've successfully cooked and washed and hosted and generally survived in my kitchen for about 3 and a half years now. And all without pulls on my kitchen cabinets. I didn't love any pulls when I was getting the cabinets and I like the clean uninterrupted look of plain cabinet doors, so I didn't hesitate to nix the idea of pulls entirely. But now I'm starting to feel the pull...of the pulls. Thanks to an AT-documented condo renovation that used these knobs I've started to feel like I could meet my cabinet pull match. These are some ideas I've been batting around so far:

Michael Aram knob Lowe's (I'm not really sure how this works...)

I have stainless appliances, but I don't want to have giant stainless-looking pulls. I'm thinking of something that's not so attention-grabbing--either with a darker metal that blends a little more with the cabinet or a smaller size. Any thoughts?

It would probably help to post some photos of the kitchen so y'all could weigh in with a little more information, since the kitchen glimpses here and here don't really offer much perspective. I'll get on that soon--if you promise not to judge me for living backsplash-less for 3.5 years.


  1. I like the GlideRite, the Lewis (3rd down), the Amerock from Overstock and that Michael Aram for Lowe's fish made me smile, but I think it would be better on a side table than an entire kitchen. Good luck deciding!!

    1. I agree on the MA fish pull--I just had to throw it in there :) Which GlideRite and Amerock ones are you thinking?

  2. Do it! I like the second one best then the GlideRite Overstock

  3. Not sure why it published me as unkown, its Britt K.