Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bathroom Reflections Follow-Up

Back in this post I gave an overview of the current state of the master bath. Well, nothing has changed permanently, but I did get some mirrors that will add more character above the sinks. Here there are propped up against the existing mirror.

What do you think? (About the new additions, not my inability to take level photos.) I don't want the look to go too rustic (whatever that means), but I think that the midcentury dresser and the simple palette could help the balance. When the mirrors are actually hung they'll sit a bit higher since they'll be above the lip of the counter (which is good because otherwise I won't be able to see the top of my head--oh the perils of height). I'm start thinking of potential changes to the vanity lighting, but I don't foresee any rapid changes in that department, especially since I have no idea what to do!

Any suggestions on lighting? Any cool and inexpensive glass soap pumps that you've seen recently?


  1. Love these mirrors! Great find - I think they are perfect (could be great as outdoor, backyard mirrors too!)

    1. Thanks! You're right, they'd look pretty sweet outdoors, too.