Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Closet Update

I have yet to figure out a way to take a photo of the entirety of the closet that actually convey a sense of the space, but I did photo document some changes to the wall that has my jewelry and belts. There are some old photos of the framed jewelry here and here.

And here's the wall after decluttering and selling and donating some items and gaining some others (including some great gifts!).

I added more hooks for belts and more weighty necklaces, too. The hooks are actually drapery hooks that I had on hand because they came in the pack that I used for the bathroom curtains featured here.

To accomodate the longer belts, I moved the frames over to the left so there would be space for the hooks on the right. 

I probably could have arranged this a little more prettily before the photo, but I'm thinking that the updates have made it so the everyday state of this portion of the closet is decently organized.

Any small updates that you've made to organize things better? Have you done any spring cleaning to thin out the things you're not using?

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  1. I need to spring clean the ole wardrobe, but the weather is in such flux that I can't think of anything to get rid of yet... I like the jewelry and belt organization and I bet that system makes it MUCH easier to get dressed in the morning!