Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bathroom Reflections

Reflection from a mirror, that is. I came across a pair of mirrors at my favorite store on craigslist. But before I get to that, let's do a quick tour of the bathroom since I've included small glimpses in previous posts (like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  Someday I'll unearth some "before" photos and post those (before the closet was moved, a sunken tub was filled in, a shower was "un-redundanced", carpet (ew!) was replaced and paint freshened it up), but here's the current state of the bathroom:

Walking in from the bedroom (remember that garden stool?)

Going down the left side is the closet, dresser alcove and the shower.

I took photos with unnecessarily small incremental changes so you could make a flip book out of them.

It was such a nice coincidence that the dresser fit in that space perfectly. I've been fortunate that a lot of things have done that in Home Monochromatic Dynamic--e.g. the desk and the bar, which I bought before I saw this place--so I hope that good luck continues!

This is where the floor slants at a 30 degree angle I can't take a level photo:

It's obviously nearing laundry time since those vases normally bookend a healthy stack of rolled washcloths on that shelf. That robe on the right hook is Shimera and it's great.

Some shelf wrapping action.

Full circle to the vanity. Mmm, off-white beige. I've heard some good things about heavy-duty paint/sealant that could cover this--I'll be revisiting that topic at some point... 

I've never seen one of these mirrors before! Yes, its days are numbered if my new acquisitions are hung up according to plan.

Oh, what to do with the cabinets? They'll remain unscathed for now since they're not too offensive.

I'll upgrade the soap dispensers when I find a pair that I like in the right price point. Those little trays/boxes are much-needed catch-alls for all that random stuff that materializes out of thin air.

Ok, so I said I'd be introducing new mirrors, but this post got too long, I'll post the sequel to this one soon!

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  1. Tease! I hope the next post shows the mirrors AND you installing them...or Dad ;)