Monday, March 12, 2012

Pantone Tangerine

Against all my monochromatic tendencies, I really like punchy colors in my wardrobe (ok, in moderation). I love Pantone's reference colors and with the marketing and products they release, there's plenty to go around. I recently purchased this set as a gift and then had to purchase another so I could have my own! (It was on sale for Leap Day, so maybe it'll be discounted again...)

Each year, Pantone makes a Color of the Year announcement and 2012's is Tangerine Tango.

When I was getting my dose of second-hand shopping (the same trip that garnered me the squirrel!) I came across a skinny belt that made me think of Pantone's Tangerine, so I had to snag it.

I don't think wearing the belt will improve my dance moves, but I think the bright stripe of color will look great against a gray sweater or dark pants (I often use a nail or a hole punch to give belts more length options for around-the-waist or around-the-hips wear). If you want to pick up some other Tangerine gear, Pantone's site has all sorts of items, including this fun mug:

Any colors you're loving right now? Have any inspirational shopping trips recently?


  1. I love the color of the year (even though the concept is hokey)and hope you get some cards of your own soon :))))) Belt is kewl, btw.

  2. Ok I really love that mug! I could see accumulating a whole cupboard of them :) Gotta get me that set of cards too...