Monday, March 12, 2012

Pantone Tangerine

Against all my monochromatic tendencies, I really like punchy colors in my wardrobe (ok, in moderation). I love Pantone's reference colors and with the marketing and products they release, there's plenty to go around. I recently purchased this set as a gift and then had to purchase another so I could have my own! (It was on sale for Leap Day, so maybe it'll be discounted again...)

Each year, Pantone makes a Color of the Year announcement and 2012's is Tangerine Tango.

When I was getting my dose of second-hand shopping (the same trip that garnered me the squirrel!) I came across a skinny belt that made me think of Pantone's Tangerine, so I had to snag it.

I don't think wearing the belt will improve my dance moves, but I think the bright stripe of color will look great against a gray sweater or dark pants (I often use a nail or a hole punch to give belts more length options for around-the-waist or around-the-hips wear). If you want to pick up some other Tangerine gear, Pantone's site has all sorts of items, including this fun mug:

Any colors you're loving right now? Have any inspirational shopping trips recently?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sample Sale Scouting

In earlier posts I shared my love of online sample sale sites, and today I circled around several of my favorites and catalogued some mostly affordable and/or project-inspirational finds!

1. Uzbek River Rock Throw $50
2. Bryant Mirror $140
3. Arteriors Home Eastwood Log Table $274 (ok, I just added this as further justification for this project)
4. Preserved Beetle in Frame $104 
5. Pony Cube Ottoman $48 (at first glance I was amazed at how inexpensive this is, but then realized it's microfiber--which could be a bonus for some folks)
6. Durham Mirror $130

7. Dalmeny Side Board $1,999 (don't you think that adding a coat of metallic paint to a dresser could achieve something similar to this look and save some moolah?)

1. Woodcut Print Art $150
2. Violight Toothbrush Sanitizer $23 (I just don't know)

3. Deco Mirror $29
4. Overlapping Circles Mirror $29 (I was debating purchasing this for either side of my bed, but I think I'll need to go with something even larger)
5. Overlapping Circles Square Mirror $29
6. Gabeh Hand Knotted Rug $1,299
7. Fascination 3-Light Bath Bar $285 (I think it's a cool alternative to the typical bathroom vanity lighting)

1. Oushak Rug $1,800
2. Mamluk Rug $10,000
3. DVF dress $130 (how did that get on there?!)

4. Fortune Cookie Vase $29
5. Husk Vase $48 (a Jonathan Adler item that's almost a good a deal as this)
6. Judy Ross Swim Pillow $129
7. Dransfield and Ross Quartz Pillow $165

1. Map of Paris $225
2. Nambe Butterfly Salad Servers $60 (evidently they're handy for serving rocks)
3. Mirrored Trays $75
4. Round Wall Mirror $32 (Deco Mirror from One Kings Lane, we meet again--it's $29 at OKL, though--not counting shipping costs for either...)
5. Map of London $225

6. Colin 4-Drawer Console $899

Phew, how's that for a sample sale site tour?! Want to know how I knew it was time to stop browsing? It was when I came across the creepiest shoe of all time:

Prada $525 (can you believe it's currently 50% off?!)

Yeah, that's a sign. Have you done any online or window or catalog or in-person shopping recently?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feelin' Squirrely

There is no real reason I needed this, but when I saw this little guy I thought he'd really really feel at home in a Monochromatic Dynamic environment. It didn't hurt that this (Jonathan Adler!) squirrel was $5. Too good to be true? Actually, yes. There's a charming, character-building crack around his tail.  But I'm over it and may or may not try to smooth over it with a little paint or caulk. A small price to pay for $115 discount on a new woodland pal.

Evidently it's a ring box, but a pecan works, too.

Come across any good deals recently? Have you made peace with the presence of any cracks or chips or dents?