Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Knobby Need

I'll post later about some credenza overhaul ideas--I've been wanting to tweak the credenza even since I acquired it off craigslist--but here's the purchase that spurred me into action brainstorming.

These buddies:

Ok, the pink isn't my style, so I rectified that. And I didn't feel like I was covering up something sacred because I purchased 3 of these pulls from Urban Outfitters for a whopping $2.99 plus tax--total--that's right, they were on sale for $1.99 and sale items were 50% off!

I liked the fun shape and the thick metal outline and backing for the drawer pull and with the price I couldn't complain about having to modify it a little.

Stick with me on this, the look improves...
I started by painting the seams between the pink inlays a light gray. I didn't worry about the brushstroke being wider than the seam since I was going to cover up that portion, anyway.

I started adding silver paint over the pink inlay portion, leaving a tiny stripe of light gray in between the stones. Just so you know, this method for adding the silver did not work:

So, I painted freehand instead, which worked really well. Very therapeutic. (Reminded me of painting those little plaster animals in my youth--the kind you can still get at craft stores, you know? Did anyone else do that?)

After I painted all the silver portions (making sure not to make all the portions perfectly symmetrical so it would still have a little more character like the original spacing of the inlaid pieces) I added a little gold paid to the center portion of the pull, too. Then I used a clear gloss sealant (like I did for this project) to get a nice glossy look and make them more durable.

And here's a montage of the finished (more or less, since they're still drying in these photos) product:

Speaking of inexpensive pulls that look like a million bucks (ok, that's an exaggeration, but I think mine turned out nicely), Anthopologie has some good-looking options on sale now...

Do you ever know that you want to get to a project but don't really start working until something (impending visitors, a move, purchasing something--like me!, or some other ultimatum) gets your DIYing machine in gear?


  1. Wow, I love the layered metallic look! You made this look easy, but coloring inside the lines if hard for me, so I don't know if I could have pulled this project off as beautifully as you did. Are you going to post what they look like installed on the credenza?

  2. I was a little concerned when I saw your intentions, but the finished product turned out amazing! Oh me of little faith. I've also seen some great uses of cobalt blue knobs lately. I think those would be a fun addition somewhere in your monochromatic habitat. A bathroom accent perhaps?

  3. @Chambray -- stay tuned for some credenza photos, although I have to figure out how to spruce up the credenza itself, too.

    @Zan -- thanks for sticking with it :) Hmmm, bathroom updates...that's something I need to get cracking on, too.