Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cozy Little Things

I received a slew of kitchen-related bday presents from the bf which included some generously sized mugs (this and this). Perfect for a big latte or a large tea or--as captured above--a hefty mug of cocoa with whipped cream. mmm.

I whipped up the cocoa with this little guy from IKEA (a thoughtful gift from this familiar blogger) and wondered what I did before I had this simple tool.

Also, unrelated-but-related:  I love short, freshly manicured nails. I take big risks stick to what works and make the tough decision between OPI's Privacy Please (it made it on my vacation list here) and OPI's Matched Luggage (just one coat so it's not opaque) every time I go to the great no-frills little nail salon near my place.

Any little things making you happy recently?


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