Monday, January 16, 2012

Shining Accomplishment

Home Monochromatic Dynamic just celebrated its 3rd birthday as my home! Even though I didn't move in until months and months later, the day I got the keys was such a great feeling.

To celebrate, I took photos of a completed project that was one of my earlier forays into fun decor DIY: the punch cup chandelier. I posted about the process here and here and here are some photos of the finished product:

It's hard to capture what it looks like when it's lit, but even harder to photograph in the dark, so I did my best!

My mom found some secondhand glass plates that I used to finish off the top row of the chandelier (finishing the top row was a perplexing issue for awhile).

 Looking up!

Someday I will rework the dining table a bit...

But note the new seats! I don't think I ever posted the old ones (fuzzy tan corduroy, eek), so I'll have to put together a post on the recovering process.

Well, there she is. I think it's a lovely, punchy addition to the room--and you even get a glimpse of it as you walk in the front door.

In case anyone is wondering what happened to the dated light fixture (and by dated I mean dated in not-a-cool-way, unlike the breakfast nook light was dated in a stylish way and stayed after some sprucing up) that used to be in the dining area, it's now a nice, functioning addition to my garage. Well, maybe not nice, but it definitely functioning (though not actually necessary) in the center of the garage ceiling.

Don't you love looking back at completed projects, especially if you love the way they turned out?


  1. I love when a home decor project turns out the way you want it! Or better, in this case :) I LOVE the fixture, it is an amazing project!

  2. This chandelier is so amazing! This is the best project ever and I love all these different pictures you have!

  3. Love how this turned out! I know this is crazy, but would you ever think of doing a lacquer white table or chairs? And matching the other to the mirror stain color? I saw a great cane chair DIY project here... Not your style, but I love the idea of changing the cane in an old chair to a fun ribbon or fabric.

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  5. How exactly did you hang the cups. You mentioned fishing line. Sometimes I have a hard time getting a knot to hold in that. What did you do?