Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pump it up

I waited way too long to get a soap dispenser for the kitchen sink. I needed 2, one for hand soap and one for dish soap (I was using a less than attractive plastic pump with a Dial sticker on it and was having to dig under the sink every time I hand-washed dishes). I couldn't find (ok, maybe I didn't research the available options sufficiently) two dispensers that looked like they belonged together but were different enough that any ol' casual kitchen sink user could differentiate between the dish soap and hand soap. I eventually caved and bought 2 basic white ceramic soap pumps and labeled them with a dry erase marker and used them in that state for a couple weeks.

When I was putting away the ModgePodge from this project, I thought maybe it was time to make those functional dry-erase marks a little less tragic looking. I wiped off the dry erase labels and used a metallic Sharpie paint marker and an elongated cursive script to label the soap pumps.

I touched up the letters after the 30 seconds it took for the Sharpie paint to dry and then used a tiny paint brush to add a few layers of ModgePodge on the top of the letters. I tried to follow the lines of the letters since I didn't want the words to look too odd when the light reflected off the ModgePodge shiny-ness.

How does that line go?--Necessity is the mother of invention. I never would have thought that writing on and Modge-Podge-ing soap pumps would be something I'd do, much less a solution to a problem!

PS, I need to get that backsplash situation covered. I've been pinning tile options via my Pinterest page here if you want to check them out and/or weigh in!

PPS, Let me know if you need a Pinterest invite!


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