Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plants and Paints

At one point I had some photos of the process that I used to add too much some character to a terracotta pot, but I can't find them. So, you'll have to envision me dragging the side of a paint laden brush along the lip of a pot, then waiting for it to dry, then planting some succulents in it, then snapping photos like this!

If those photos miraculously materialize, I'll add a post script to this post. 

Anyway, I thought of that project recently because I got a cool (and pretty!) cyclamen plant for New Year's, I needed to pot it and the only appropriately-sized pot I had was marred by my failed attempt at replicating the look you see above on a traditionally shaped pot. I failed at it--and I don't know why, since I had already done the other one, but the pot was SUPER ugly and I hid it in the garage. Well, I sort of salvaged it (especially if you realized how ugly I had made it before) with more layers of paint in different shades of taupe-y gray and popped that cyclamen in there. 

 Yay! Well, it's not too offensive, but it may get another makeover in the future...

Apologies for the lack of process photos. I know you'll be able to piece it together. Or ask me questions.
Isn't the cyclamen awesome? I hadn't never seen/heard of it before, but I love the color and it's cool that it blooms are inside-out.


  1. Cyclamen is awesome, but the pot is super awesome!

  2. Ooo, your drippy planters look cool! I'm jealous! My drippy bottles look like a drippy mess but yours are chic! Thanks for sharing :)