Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

It really should be post-Thanksgiving and post-Halloween centerpiece because I used a discounted grocery store bouquet that I picked up the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the gourds/mini pumpkins that I had out for my pre-Halloween pumpkin carving party. Yep, the gourds are still looking pretty good for being over a month old!

I was looking for something to go with the oranges and yellows of the mini pumpkins and gourds and this bouquet had some cool spiky foliage to boot. I think this one tops the arrangements done here, maybe because the variation in the flowers and filler was a little more forgiving of my lack of arranging practice.  I hope the flowers hang in there for awhile, because I like seeing the dining room table decked out when I come in the house.


  1. Your center piece looks gourd-geous! Ok bad play on words ;) but it really does look great! Its amazing how fresh flowers can really make a difference in a room!

  2. @Emily You're cracking me up--I'm thinking I need that to be the title of a future post... :)