Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ornamenting the Tree

Christmas decor has been completed in phases this year. I got the tree up (it's a fakey and my lovely Dad actually vacuumed it off for me before it went from the garage into the house). Then bought some lights (the sparse light strings from last year crapped out and probably weren't safe anyway) and some ribbon (at a bulk fabric store, so the price was right) and now I'm on to ornaments!

I wanted something subtly metallic to go with the ribbon and found some string ornament (and pendant and egg) tutorials online. I looked at this one, this one, and this one and then used some advice from each.

Here's the process:

Supplies are gathered, balloons are inflated and glue is mixed. I used watered-down modge podge and mixed it in a plastic bag in a bowl. The plastic bag situation was really handy because I just knotted the bag and put the bowl in the fridge (don't know if the fridge part was necessary, but why not?) when I was at a stopping point and then was able to use the leftovers later. And I didn't have to wash glue residue out of a bowl.

Then I got to wrapping. You'll notice that the entire ball of string is in the glue. That was accidental, but it worked out well, so I'm not complaining.

The balloons were shaped like this when I inflated them to the ornament size I wanted, but I didn't want all the ornaments to be that shape... I taped down the conical portion so I could have some variety.

I dried them overnight and flipped them a couple times (the glue would pool at the bottom, so rotating them may have let them dry more evenly).

Extracted the deflated balloons. 

Tied ribbon or string through spaces at the top of the ornament and voila!

Here's the tree in action:

Now I have 3 ornaments on the tree. No worries, there are more in the works--but I'm feeling pretty accomplished right now (and frugal, since I had the modge podge on hand and balloons and string purchases don't really break the bank). Maybe I'll have the tree fully decorated by Christmas!

How's your holiday decor coming along? Completely done? Or are you still finding fun items to add to your home?


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