Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bird's Eye Re-View

I haven't posted a bird's eye view of the great room since this post, so it seems likes it's about time for an update:

Just as a refresher, this is the photo from last year:

I've relocated the bench in the alcove next to the fireplace and replaced it with the desk, moved one of the mini-sofas and replaced it with a craigslist-scored tobacco chair, added some side tables and switched up pillows, redid the fireplace surround (more on that later), added a large gold-ish mirror above the fireplace, hung and framed the 3 canvasses (more on that later, too), photographed the room with better lighting (ha)...I didn't realize I had changed so much until I started listing these out! 

Do you think I should stay vigilant for a larger rug for the space (I think it might look great if it went under the mini-sofa and the tobacco chair, too)?

Does anyone prefer the "before"?

1 comment:

  1. Giles and Deacon for ABC carpet. Spend your 401k there!