Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Used like a Doormat

I've been looking for a new interior doormat and have been completely unsuccessful in finding something I love that's the right size. I have purchased 8 doormats over the past couple months. None worked. Well, none were a match for the front door, but I really liked one of the options, so I'm using it for the backdoors.

I understand that I might be a little too picky, but I'm really enthralled with the idea that I can find things I really enjoy and then I'll never have to buy it again. Or that I'll never be struck by something and wish that I hadn't made an earlier purchase. So, that's my current M.O.

So, this is what I'm working with for the backdoors and I'm liking it:

I bought one of these on sale in the store and after I decided to use it I needed to buy a few more (each door has 2 laid end-to-end) but didn't think I'd make it back to Kohl's in the near future, so I ordered online (with a discount code). Well, they still show up online, but the day after I received email confirmation of my order, I got an email saying my order was canceled. No reason was given, so I called Kohl's online and they let me know it was out of stock. I asked if the store would honor my online discount because it was now out of stock and they said sure. So, I made it to Kohl's that weekend and brought the print outs with me. When the rug didn't ring up at the sale price I had gotten for the first one that I bought in store, I produced my print outs and explained that they had gone out-of-stock online and the associate at the register promptly adjusted the price. Good things.

Annnnd, maybe you'll find this funny--I came across this sweater online.

Isn't it a dead ringer for the mats? I've seen home decor shows that emphasize using your apparel to jumpstart your decor, but I'm not sure it works quite as well the other way around.

That's hawt.

Yeahhhhh, this concept needs further evaluation. As do my photo-editing skills.

Anything you've been searching for recently? Have your been decorating your home like your wardrobe? Or adding to your wardrobe based on your home decor?


  1. Its funny you mention decorating your home like your wardrobe...because thats exactly what I have been doing lately! Lots of grey and black for me! Also "accessorizing" with vases, candles, and more candles!

  2. @Emily -- Accessorizing is always the fun part for either case :) PS--Happy Birthday!!