Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Throw up in the air

I've never posted a "save or spend"/"splurge or save" kind of post, but I came across an item today that's a close-enough approximation of something I own, so I decided I might as well post it. So, here's the first (and possibly only) Are-These-Items-Similar-Enough-That-A-Comparison-Is-Relevant-And-One-Is-A-Whole-Lot-More-Affordable-Than-The-Other post. 
Yarnz cashmere throw via Gilt sale -- $150 (orig. $350)

IKEA 100% cotton throw (this resides in the loft) -- $13

What do you think? Is the cashmere worth the extra greenbacks? Or does the convenience of being able to machine wash the cotton throw trump that luxurious softness? Was the title of this post so gross that you didn't even read to this point?


  1. Whoa, the resemblance is quite strong. I bet the cashmere is more cozy, but at $13, I could afford to turn the thermostat up and keep warm enough to compensate ;)

  2. That's a hard call...soft and plushy cashmere or $13 for similar look and spend remaining $137 on other goodies (including frozen yogurt and lunch...) at Ikea ;)

  3. Call me crazy, but I'd go with the cashmere. I have a major weakness for soft things, though! As far as look goes, they are strikingly similar, so if it were just for looks, I'd go with the $13 one for sure.