Thursday, October 20, 2011

Admitting is the First Step

Yes, I have a craigslist addiction. Pretty much everything in this Monochromatic Dynamic house was discovered through one craigslist ad or another (like here, here, here, here, here, here, here...ok, that's enough). But I don't want to get help! I don't want to stop!  Even though I bought 12 side tables/stools recently. Yes, TWELVE. But it's ok, I have plans for them. And they were an AMAZING deal. But I won't even brag. Wellll, maybe a little--it'll help me justify my addiction.

So here's one of the varieties in action (I bought 3 different types of tables):

I have 4 others of these and I'm thinking once I get the backyard in order they'll hang out outside to hold pots and seated persons' behinds.

And here's a link to what the table would cost new. The kicker--I purchased all 12 of the various tables for less than what one of these spankin' new ones would have run me.

Here's the current (but temporary) placement of the 3 lucite end tables:

I think something taller would work better in that space, but in the meantime I'm channeling a short version of this under that mirror.

Here's one of the final type of stool (I got 2 white and 2 black).

I looove these, and I love that I spent much, much less than the cost here or here (sheesh!).

Any second-hand scores for anyone else recently? See, some addictions aren't so bad! (I'm never going to get to that first step of admitting I have a problem!)


  1. Gaaahhh! I have been looking for one of those stools for my living room and they are so expensive! I can't even find any on craigslist, so nice work! And I don't think craigslist is a problem unless you get sweaty palms when you actually have to WORK at work and can't browse online... ;)

  2. And thanks for being so gracious and sharing one of them! Now I can only hope that with came just a hint of your design/decorating brilliance!

  3. @Chambray -- If shipping wasn't cost-prohibitive, you'd have one on your doorstep! (Even though I think you're holding out for something brighter)
    @Jacob -- you're too kind. :)