Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Friends stopped by last weekend when I hosted a pumpkin carving party--geeze, I have creative friends. To greet the carvers, I had a little tableau on the entryway credenza:

Super inexpensive tacks gave the pumpkin some subtle bling and the frame is a clearance find that I filled with a 10-minute typography art project (you can see I channeled my inner Georges Seurat).

Hope your Halloween was full of seasonally appropriate fun!

Friday, October 28, 2011


I'm currently working on making the Monochromatic Dynamic loft into a relaxing sitting/reading/beverage enjoying/game playing/project completing room. I've been moving some items around and organizing it to meet these goals and I'll share some photos of my progress soon. In the meantime, here are the craigslist photos of the kilim rug I got for the space.

I'm in love with it and searched a loooong time for something with a cool pattern and a neutral palette. And that was affordable for me (unlike these buddies in this post!).

You can sort of get a distant sense of the loft a couple of transitions ago here (before it became a roomie's bedroom and then wasn't needed as a bedroom anymore). I'll have more "before" photos later on.

I love a nice, leisurely room transformation that gives me time to adjust my expectations and find and repurpose items from elsewhere in the house. Anyone working on anything without a deadline and loving it? Or wish that you were?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

San Francisco Treat

A recent trip to San Francisco featured amazing weather, awesome food, day trips to Napa and Muir Woods and fantastic friends. Here are some photos during my always-too-short time there:

 Industrial lines

Purples and fuchsias on land

Purples and fuchsias under water

Layered landscapes

More lovely layers

Cork tree!


More cool flooring, reminds me that I'm thinking of DIY-ing something like this

 So peaceful

 Graphic and geometric home

 Neon foliage!
Cool patterned relief

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Admitting is the First Step

Yes, I have a craigslist addiction. Pretty much everything in this Monochromatic Dynamic house was discovered through one craigslist ad or another (like here, here, here, here, here, here, here...ok, that's enough). But I don't want to get help! I don't want to stop!  Even though I bought 12 side tables/stools recently. Yes, TWELVE. But it's ok, I have plans for them. And they were an AMAZING deal. But I won't even brag. Wellll, maybe a little--it'll help me justify my addiction.

So here's one of the varieties in action (I bought 3 different types of tables):

I have 4 others of these and I'm thinking once I get the backyard in order they'll hang out outside to hold pots and seated persons' behinds.

And here's a link to what the table would cost new. The kicker--I purchased all 12 of the various tables for less than what one of these spankin' new ones would have run me.

Here's the current (but temporary) placement of the 3 lucite end tables:

I think something taller would work better in that space, but in the meantime I'm channeling a short version of this under that mirror.

Here's one of the final type of stool (I got 2 white and 2 black).

I looove these, and I love that I spent much, much less than the cost here or here (sheesh!).

Any second-hand scores for anyone else recently? See, some addictions aren't so bad! (I'm never going to get to that first step of admitting I have a problem!)