Monday, September 26, 2011

Framed a Bargain

I must not be the only person who buys something at a discount retailer and gets satisfaction out of comparing the price I paid to the original price. And I sure I'm not the only person who peels back the progressively increasing price stickers to see what I would have paid last week, the week  before last week, 3 months ago, or when the item was sitting over-priced full-priced somewhere.*

*Even though I realize there are quite a few things that are sold direct to discount retailers, so no one could have actually purchased it at that higher price at another retailer...

Here's the purchase. Don't judge it too much just yet.

Well, back to label peeling, here's a montage (you know I love montages) that shows just that:

I missed one layer--it was just too stubborn and I was too aware of how ridiculous this exercise was.

Anyway, there's the "art" that no one else wanted to buy., even with all these amazing attributes:

The picture doesn't it do it injustice--I mean, it looks much worse in real life.
Check out the pixelated lines on the "giclee print"

Buuuut, I love the frame itself, the linen/woven matting looks promising, and that paper with the torn edges might have potential flipped over (maybe not the last one, I'll just have to experiment). I'm looking for other circular patterns to draw/paint/stamp/cut for the frame (I was just so "inspired" by the original piece I think I'll stick with the same shape), but in the meantime I decided to hang it up. It's not extremely heavy, but I thought a drywall anchor would be useful just in case. I didn't feel like breaking out the power screwdriver, so I grabbed a Phillips head screwdriver and started working on getting the anchor in the wall. The first part is the hardest and I hammered the anchor in a little just to get the initial spot carved out. I was really making some progress when disaster struck!


Well, the broken anchor wasn't going anywhere (at least not without a power screwdriver or a drywall saw). And since it wasn't going anywhere I thought I might at well put it to good use.

Yep, the wire hangs right on there and I'm just going to let the hidden imperfection go in the spirit of utility (or laziness).

Anyone else love the feeling that you saved some moolah and have to compare discounted prices to originals? Any cool circular pattern sketches that you have you eye on? Any household mishaps end up turning out just fine for the current situation?

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  1. Haha, love the "art" and I think the frame alone made the deal worthwhile! Can't wait to see what you do with it! And I, too, love a good deal, but it is actually a bad thing bc it helps me justify even more shopping ;)