Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Loafing and Skimming

I'm seeing a common denominator among the shoes that I've been scoping out recently. Namely, a combo loafer-skimmer look with a dress slipper looking upper...

1. JCrew $198
2. Jeffrey Campbell $66
3. Belle by Sigerson Morrison $235
4. Belle by Sigerson Morrison $195
5. JCrew $275

Any favorites? Have you seen this style elsewhere (maybe at some other price points)? I could really dig these with ankle pants, capris, wideleg trousers and jeans.


  1. I would be totally happy with the JCampbell kicks if I had not seen the Belle by SM loafers. #3 is my favorite pair! Loafs (as I call them) are perfect with roll-cuffed jeans and chinos to take you into fall and I am on the hunt for the perfect pair, too!

  2. Nice and lovely collection of shoes. I am loving the loafer-skimmer. Really so stunning and fabulous. The shoes are really so amazing and unique, Never seen it before. I love fashionable shoes . And the unique one...