Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vestiges of the Weekend

The weekend before last was a blur of activity, including the culmination of my efforts helping out with the casual marriage celebration of friends. After working through details, accumulating supplies (while using a billion coupons!), and brandishing a hot glue gun, spraypaint cans, double stick tape and sharpies. True to typical form, I didn't take enough (ok, basically no) photos of the space, so you'll have to trust me that I loved the result and the all the spaces came together well, looked great and were functional.

I took this guy home with me and have been looking at it fondly remembering a really fun evening with really fun people.

This doesn't really to the layers of decor and variety of materials justice, so next time I'll make photos a priority, I promise.


  1. I love those daisies! They are so colorful and cheerful :)

  2. Very pretty- I bet the rest of the set-up was just as festive ;)

  3. @Emily--they worked out great, and they actually lasted a for nearly a week after the party