Thursday, June 30, 2011

Name Your Seat

I've posted about my search for napkin rings here and have an update. I bought some. And by some I mean 24. And no, of course that doesn't seem excessive. Especially since they rang up at less that $24 ($23.79 to be exact) including shipping! I'm thinking of adding a pattern to at least half of them for some fun variety. Maybe I'll break out some metallic sharpies...
In the meantime, we've been using a dry-erase marker (that I borrow from here) to label them with funny/stupid/silly nicknames for dinner guests.

Sort of along the lines of these porcelain name plates that were on OneKingsLane awhile back, but mine do double-duty as napkin rings and didn't have quite so hefty a price tag.

I got the napkin rings of a sample sale site (surprise, right?)--called Joss & Main and my invite link is here
If you need an invite to OneKingsLane, you can email me for it!

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  1. I love reading about all your deals I wish I had the energy to shop patiently online for the perfect solutions to any decor challenges! Maybe you will inspire me enough one day to do it myself :)