Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Draggin' the Line

One of the challenges of being taller than average (not that I'm complaining, because I'm really not) is finding clothes that have enough length to fit well. But the challenge doesn't end there--you also have to launder them so the clothes stay that length so they continue to fit well. This is one of the reasons (besides my utility bill) that I air dry my clothes. All of them. Seriously, I don't care what it is, no clothing item goes in the dryer. Because, honestly, how convenient is drying a few socks when everything else is line drying anyway? I have a couple drying racks that help I use and I resort to using hangers for shirts when I have an extra procrastinated large load of laundry, but I still was coming up short on drying space, especially for larger items (including sheets and bedding--which sometimes go in the dryer, but not always with impeccable results--example here). So, since having more space would be convenient--and let me catch up on a couple loads of laundry during those off-peak hours all at once, instead of having to waiting for more available drying space--brainstorming ensued and resulted in the idea for a laundry line in the backyard. Woohoo! Simple, sweet, old-timey and feel-good-environmentally friendly, right? Hmmm, now my HOA prohibits visible clotheslines and my petite backyard doesn't really have a nice plot of permanently available space for a "drying zone". Cue more brainstorming. And cue result of brainstorming: retractable clothesline.

I ended up with this one, purchased by the bf (awww). The plan was to install it behind one of the pillars in the backyard and below the height of the fence. The pillar is one of a few that support the covered portion of my backyard. Since there was another post across from the wall, there was an ideal spot for a hook for the other end of the line. First, the retractable line portion--this required some drilling into the block wall:

I should really do something about my hairy arms. ha. I guess I can't take credit for this.

Here it is installed behind the post:

The pallets are supplies for a potential future project...

It's completely obscured if you're looking straight on--which is an unlikely position to be in, so it's not invisible to the normal visitor-to-the-backyard, but if you were in that spot under the patio cover it would look like this:

I decided to maximize the drying space by having 2 rows of the clothesline, so we installed 2 hooks on the opposite post...

and another hook under the retractable portion...

Hooray! Here it is in action:

And its mere presence makes doing laundry FUN!

Ok, that is a lie. But it is handy, especially for those sheets and tablecloths and those extra large loads of laundry that I should have washed weeks prior.

Any functional improvements to share? Anyone else with enough socks and underwear to last for 3 weeks?

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  1. I am you have been putting Jacob to work! I love the retractable idea because it won't interfere with any backyard soirees.