Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Winner Winner Outside Dinner!

Oh craigslist, how fond of thee I am. With the weather being wonderful, we've been eating a lot of meals outdoors. My little backyard area still isn't the oasis-like outdoor living space I'd like, but there's been some gradual progress. Very gradual progress. But I've been keeping a couple plants alive (knock on wood, especially since this was the only survivor earlier), so I think I'm at least headed in the right direction.

So when I'm hosting an outdoor dinner, I've been using those huge plastic and metal folding tables (one is like this and the other is like this). They get the job done, but they require a tablecloth and I have to schlep them from the garage (front of house) through the house to the backyard to set them up. (I can't just leave them in the backyard, they're too ugly without a tablecloth!) So I'd been searching craigslist for an outdoor table option that can seat several people comfortably. AND that could fold down since the backyard isn't that big. I wanted a metal table, but opened up my search to wood after the bf pointed out that I have several metal chairs (that I need to have powdercoated this summer sometime) and it might be a metal overload. After a couple weeks of craigslist perusal I came across an option that met the fold down and seating capacity criteria. Even though it wasn't exactly what I was envisioning before, I liked it and the price--$20!

So that's the background on how the table landed in my garage.

I'll post again with some commentary on the progress to making it a prettier piece of furniture!

Anyone enjoying meals outside? Or waiting to enjoy meals outside later in the summer when I'll have to be indoors with my friend, Air Conditioning?


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