Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nook Both Ways Before You Decide

Sometimes I kill myself with the titles of these posts. Kill myself. Anyway, I was thinking that I might as well expand the camera angle and show a bit more of the area that I call the breakfast nook that houses the bonus mail storage that I highlighted in this post. The room has gone through several iterations, and I'm still not set on it.

View from the KT

View from around the front door

The bifold doors (still not sure what I need to do for those...I've seen some cool alternatives, but they're low on the priority list) open to the washer and dryer area, so it's nice to have a bit of open space there when it becomes the laundry zone. The table is a craigslist find (surprise, right?--haha) and the table supports fold in so the leaves drop down. You can sort of see it folded down in the background of this post. It's heavy though, (the seller said it's brazilwood?) so I don't utilize the folding function all that often.

Just to experiment, I moved the seats around to the windowed wall...

...and didn't love it, so I changed it back. I still think it would be cool to have wrap-around seating that included a corner seat, so we'll see what other arrangements I can come up with.

Right now there are 3 blank canvasses hung vertically above the seating area, waiting for some painting or mod-podging or stamping or sketching or something...

I'm thinking that I might add some wine storage in that corner since it doesn't get any sun and is out of the line of traffic. And I need to get all the bottles off the kitchen counter (they multiply faster than I can drink them, I swear!) before any of my guests feel the need to stage an intervention. So, wine storage either in the breakfast nook corner (maybe I'll stop calling it the "breakfast" nook if it becomes home to a stash of wine) or in a corner of the dining room. Sounds like some fodder for a future post....

Any spaces that seem trickier than others in your place? Or ones you needed to experiment with before you got them right?


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