Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bottles of Polish

I recently got a pedicure (it's approximately a 6 time a year affair--including standard pre-vacation pedis--but I wish they was more frequent, because I love them!) and was looking for a fun punchy vibrant pinky dark coralish color for my toes. But on the wall full of colors I couldn't find one I loved that fit the bill. So I went with my standby, a pale pink-ish, but not too pink color (OPI's Privacy Please), which I love, so it was hardly a letdown.

A couple days later I was grocery shopping and was drawn into the cosmetic/hair items aisle because of a lack of shampoo and a shampoo coupon. Of course I had to check out the polishes, as low and behold there was a bottle of polish that fit all the adjectives I used above to try to describe the color I wanted. So I bought it. (There went any "savings" from the shampoo coupon.) And decided to try it on my fingernails.

Woohoo, a little split personality, but I like the bright color on my short nails.

Ok, this dismembered-limb-looking photo is weirder than I anticipated. 
It will not be repeated for any future toe/finger nail polish comparisons, I promise.

The colors of my nutritionally savvy snack choice at work the next morning further validated my polish choice.

Atypical Breakfast 
(not to be confused with A Typical Breakfast)

Any punchy, spring-y colors you're gravitating toward because of Spring?  Do you think since my house is calm and monochrome I'm living vicariously through my fingernails right now?

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  1. Oooh, I am always a fan of "the perfect pink" polish, but the other is like a fiesta on your fingers! ;) Love the breakfast photo, too!