Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bed Clothes Horse

Yes, Pat, that is a "Before and After" puzzle answer. And accurately describes my recent purchases.

My bed can be spotted here, but it's seen some iterations before that photo, and with a recent purchase it may change again...I used to use the darker coverlet--it's draped over the end of the bed in that post I just linked to--as my only blanket. You don't necessarily need that much in AZ, so it more or less worked for warmth most of the year, but the color wasn't right for a dimly lit room. In fact, a friend called the room scary! It probably doesn't help that I haven't yet found a flushmount fan/light with that I love, so there's no overhead lighting (even though I did suck it up and get fans for other rooms, seen here and here).

The haul:

I picked up both the throw and the linen duvet cover on RueLaLa (one of the sample sale sites that I frequently check out). I'll post again after I get the duvet all set up and start using it, and we'll see where the throw lands. They might not get use for several months, but it seems that it works well for me to shop during the off-season for some items (an excessive example being the 7 pairs of jeans from RueLaLa and Ideeli that I have in the house now--I buy in various sizes and styles so I can try them all on and debate, then keep what works and ship back what doesn't--the prices are good to justify the shipping cost for me and make it worth the wait since I won't be wearing jeans for another several months!)

Back to bedding--Just in case you were curious how the bedskirt turned out after seeing this post, it's doing just fine (the part you can see, anyway)...

I pulled the coverlet up for the photo, normally it drapes to the floor or almost to the floor.

PS I've been quite remiss on doing a headboard post--I'm loving the headboard and here's a peek in the meantime...

You might recognize the fabric from this post.

PPS, Full Disclosure:  If you click on any sample sale sites, sign up (they're free, of course) and end up buying something, I get a credit.


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