Monday, April 25, 2011

KT Treats

I posted earlier about my cool cookie jar present (from over a year ago--time flies!!) and it's still in regular rotation on my KT counter. Most recently it's been holding cinnamon twists. Ok, that's a lie, most recently it's been holding air because the cinnamon twists (you know, the flaky, sort of crunchy, 2-bite sized pastry items?) don't have a fighting chance. They're around for 2 days, tops. So, this is what the container has been looking like the majority of the time...

So, instead of buying a dogfood sized bag of twists (and pants in a larger size), I thought that stocking the jar with something yummy but not quite as addictive might be the way to go. Hence, the current snack item, gingersnaps...

Don't get me wrong, I like gingersnaps, but I don't mindlessly eat 3 of them and then want another. So hopefully these will go a little more gradually--along the lines of the pistachio bowl I have in the great room (I think the labor-intensity of shelling them keeps them around longer) or the clementines I set on a side table (as seen here).

Any snack items in the house that are your downfall? Anyone else like have edibles in the main rooms?


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