Friday, April 22, 2011

Hidden Lists

Quick share of another item that helps me think of myself as organized...

I got these dry erase board squares during a "everything you need for your dorm room" type of sale--you'd think I could save time by not going into departments with bright pink butterfly chairs and Scarface posters...but I still do. So, I stuck my diamonds in the rough findings on the inside of a cabinet door for quick list making. (I used the 3M adhesive strips that can be stretched off without residual residue.) It's handy that it's near the fridge because I use one square for meal-planning, too (I started to make notes after I had one-too-many food items spoil just because I just forgot to use them!)

I don't write everything I need at the grocery store on there (I have to sit down with some coupons and make an extensive list for the weekly grocery run), but it's perfect for the things I realize I'm low on mid-week (soap, toilet paper, olive oil) and will forget about until it's too late!

I have a similar set-up with corkboard in the pantry--but I'll share that little gem (and the entire pantry transformation) later.


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