Monday, April 18, 2011


This weekend I capped off an ordinary trip to the grocery store with a purchase of some budget blooms. The 2 bunches of "novelty poms" (as they were termed on the tag) set me back $6 and gave me a fun opportunity to try to be Martha Stewart (no success) and use a pair of Goodwill vases and a family auction (get the background here) milk glass vase.

This is the professional look general interpretation I was going for...

Chrysanthemum Dome Centerpiece
And this is what I ended up with for the Goodwill vase.

I intended the flower bunch to work for both vases, but my flower estimation skills need some practice, because it only filled one. Well, pencils used to be plants at one point, so I let the other pencil-filled vase in on the desk-topping action.

Maybe I should've stuck with half-hearted look I did initially and then I would have had enough for both...

The fuchsia-y "novelty poms" were for the milk glass. Again, I'm working on the whole flower estimation thing, so this arrangment definitely had a good side and a bad bald side.

Hmmm, It looked way less lopsided in person...

Once I added it to my dresser I realized that it picked up some color from the scarf hanging from my multi-pronged hook....

From left to right:  hook that I overload with stuff, craigslisted dresser that has a sibling in the bathroom, glass vase for change and pocket lint, TV that I was given and have yet to plug in or use, frames that need a home within my home, floral subject of post, craigslist chair, fireplace that needs some DIY fix-up love.

...Which reminded me of the color of my new (well, new-to-me, that is!) purchase--so I had to get them posing together.


It made me think of one of those reality shows when the contestants are given an outfit and have to formulate a room's interior from it, or vice versa. "Just see how the fringe of the tassel mirrors the petals and how the clean lines the clutch pick up the unfussy shape of the vase?" --say this with a breathy and serious accent for the full effect.

Any spring-y decor activities recently? Don't you love when you get to use something that you already have in the house? Any new design shows that I should be tuning into?


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