Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The wind beneath my great room fan

I've expressed my overall displeasure of the look of ceiling fans earlier, but in the hot clime in which I live, fans are a necessary for survival. So, I had to pick out another one for the great room. I tried to find something to compliment the loft fan enough (since you can see both when you look back through the house from the back doors), but not be too matchy and keep the sizes proportional to their respective rooms. This is what's spinning in the great room now.

I love when procrastinating pays off--the fan was reduced another $20 from the time I entertained the thought of buying it to the time I actually got around to purchasing it in the store. But it was pretty affordable (considering the size) either way.

I was torn as to whether or not to buy a longer downrod, so it would look more integrated in the room, but after hearing that the fan might shake and realizing I'd have to spend more $$, I went with the downrod that came with the fan.
Now I just need a fan for the master bedroom--the search is on for something flush to the ceiling that doesn't grab too much attention...


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