Saturday, March 26, 2011

Washroom Watercolors

I've posted various views and projects from my master bath here, here, and here, but despite some attention it's still pretty stark. So, even though it's functional, I keep working on things to make it less spartan and more room-y. And by "working on" I mean "thinking about". And by "thinking about" I mean "thinking about occasionally".

Anyway, I "bid" on a small watercolor during a family online auction when my great aunt passed away. My big (in number) family has the non-monetary auction down to a fine art! It works really well with giving lots of items lots of new homes. For this one, all direct descendants (e.g. my Mom) got $500 play money and a crack at the first phase of the auction, which had photos of the items and a comment function, so everyone put their bids in the comment section. The next row of descendants got "$200" and we bid away on another lot of things. Well, I triumphed with some bids and am now the proud owner of this:

Cool, right? I like the look of it, but I wasn't sold on its trappings (2 gnarly pieces of glass, some cardboard and a mat that had seen better days), so I headed out to pick up a larger frame and a larger mat to go with it. Well, I secured the larger frame, but locating the mat to go with it was challenging. So challenging that I gave up and got a big piece and matting. Because how hard could it be to cut your own so it's exactly the dimensions you want? Answer: very, very hard.

the haul

I got the matting sized correctly and plotted out the spot I wanted for the print (by cutting a piece of paper to the print's size and experimenting with the placement)

...and then got to cutting. This part was not fun. And not really that pretty, but here's the result:

In its good-from-far, far-from-good way, I think this will do just fine, at least until further down the road if I decide to become an architecture model-builder, or a surgeon, or a person who puts ships in bottles. In any of those cases I'd imagine I'd be able to improve it. In the meantime, I'm ok with the imperfections and I added it above the dresser in the bathroom nook.

Hopefully folks aren't lingering in there long enough to notice the sketchy matting job. Any tips for my next attempt?

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  1. I love the idea for the tiny pic/big matting and the results look great!